Sikorsky S-92A (Utility)

Sikorsky S-92A (Utility)



This Sikorksy S-92 is uniquely capable of carrying both passengers and cargo in a “combi” configuration making it perfect for supporting infrastructure development or humanitarian projects. It is available for immediate entry into service and has been recently repainted. The helicopter can be configured either with side-facing “troop seats” or a full set of brand new “airline-style” passenger seats.

General Data

Aircraft Type: S92A

Serial Number: 920142

Year of Manufacture: 2010

AMS Software version: 8.0

Total Flying Hours: 3,831 (October 2020)

Total Aircraft Landings:  15,465 (October 2020)



Dual General Electric CT7-8A  turbo-shaft engines with integral particle separator and pneumatic starters

760 gallons of fuel in two external sponsons with self-sealing breakaway valves

Pressure refueling system with cockpit control panel

Rotor System

Four blade fully articulated main rotor system with rotor brake system

Bearing Monitor System (BMS) which processes bearing vibration and temperature data


Large 6 Ft high by 6 Ft  wide by 20 ft long cabin area with four cabin and two cockpit emergency exits

Cabin RH door, upper clamshell & lower airstair

Jettisonable cabin single pane windows (10)

10 side facing passenger seats with four point harness, provisions for 19 seats

Cabin & cockpit first aid kit

Cabin & cockpit handheld fire extinguisher

Hydraulic cargo ramp

Pilot & copilot heated glass windshields with wipers & washer system

Three anti-vibration force generators

Lighted pilot & co-pilot approach plate holder

Cabin & cockpit air conditioning system

Bleed air heating and defogging system

Cargo hook provisions without load sensor

Combi Cabin kit for up to three freight pallets including

  • Three additional ICS jack positions for crew members
  • Quick change partition wall with three positions
  • Storage for two additional smoke detectors

Additional fire extinguishers for freight configuration (2x 13lbs)

Additional cockpit oxygen supply system

19 cabin sidewall frame tie-down rings

Total Flying Hours: 3,831 (October 2020)

Total Aircraft Landings:  15,465 (October 2020)

Flight Controls and Instruments

Dual pilot fixed flight  controls (Cyclic, collective & anti-torque pedals)

Dual Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS)

Avionics Management System (AMS) consisting of 4 Rockwell Collins 6 X 8 portrait oriented Multi-Function Displays (MFD) and two Data Concentrator Units.  Each MFD can display the formats:

  • Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • Engine Instrument and Caution  Advisory System (EICAS)
  • Navigation (NAV)
  • Health (HLTH)
  • Utility

AMS Software version: 8.0


Allied Signal 90 shp  Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) with 35 KVA 3-phase AC generator

115 volt 400 Hz AC, 3-phase electrical system with two 75 KVA generators

Dual 28 volt DC 400 amp DC converters plus one backup 28 volt DC converter

One 28 volt DC 15 AH  nickel cadmium battery


Flight Management System  (FMS) with embedded GPS and Multi-Mission Management System (MMMS)

  • FMS #1 - UNS-1Esp

VOR/ILS system supplies bearing, approach and landing navigation guidance data

  • VOR/ILS #1 - VIR-432
  • VOR/ILS #2 - VIR-432

Radio Altimeter System (RADALT) which displays on the primary flight displays

  • RAD ALT #1 - AA-300

Automatic Direction  Finder (ADF)

  • ADF #1 - ADF-462

Distance Measuring  Equipment (DME)

  • DME #1 - DME-442

Honeywell Primus Primus 660  weather radar display on the MFD's

Mode S transponder (TDR-94D) with encoding altimeter input from the Air Data Computers (ADC)

Traffic Advisory System (TCAS 1)/Aircraft Collision Avoidance System (ACAS 1) (KTA-970)

Dual Litef (LCR-93) Altitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)

Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) (MK XXII)

Dual Air Data Computers (ADC) which compute various air data parameters (airspeed, altitude and vertical  speed)

Standby altitude indicator with external battery (BF Goodrich)

Backup airspeed indicator

Backup barometric altitude indicator

Magnetic standby vertical card compass

Digital clock

Recording & Monitoring

Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) (Goodrich)

Multi-Purpose Flight Recorder (MPFR) is a combined CVR & FDR with Underwater Locator Beacon


Pilot & co-pilot audio select panels (DB 380) with one cabin audio selector and four maintenance jacks

Very High Frequency (VHF/AM) system supplies air to air and air to ground communication

  • VHF #1 - VHF-422D
  • VHF #2 - VHF-422D

Passenger Address (PA) system (DB 251) with 13 speakers in the cabin

Airframe fixed Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) with GPS position (Artex C406-N HM)

VHF/FM Maritime Transceiver Wulfsberg RT-5000

Flight Following System Blue Sky  D1000


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Helicopter Emergency Egress Lighting (HEEL) for Cabin Door

Sponson & tail mounted position lights

Lower & Upper LED anti-collision light

One controllable searchlight

Two landing lights



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