LEVL Leasing and Avincis close Sale and Lease back deal on six H145s

LEVL Leasing Limited, a joint venture between Lobo Leasing Limited and EMP Structured Assets GmbH, closed a EUR 50m sale and leaseback transaction of six Airbus H145D2 and D3 helicopters with Avincis, Europe’s largest aerial emergency services operator. All of these helicopters are now being operated on long term Emergency Medical Support (EMS) contracts in different regions of Italy.

The transaction forms an important part of the leasing platform’s ongoing deployment of committed equity funding into European ESG-related operations.

According to Dan Roberts, CEO at Lobo Leasing: “We are very satisfied to be able to successfully support Avincis with this key transaction which came together in an incredibly short timeframe as a result of focused and professional work from all involved.”

Simon Chartres, Group Fleet Director at Avincis saidWe are pleased to create a new long-term partnership with Lobo with the addition of these well-equipped EMS helicopters. Avincis performs critical, life-saving EMS services throughout Europe, and these aircraft, along with our world-class personnel, help make that mission possible”.

Ulf Hüttmeyer, Executive Vice President of EMP Structured Assets, commented: “This is a big milestone for LEVL, deploying additional equity for helicopters performing life-saving missions on long-term leases with a leading European operator. We are looking forward to further developing our relationship with Avincis from this strong basis and continue supporting their EMS operations across Europe”.



About Avincis:

Avincis is Europe's leading and largest Aerial Emergency Service operator, with a mission to save lives and protect communities and the environment. Avincis operates at a global level, with home territories in Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and Finland, and with operations in Chile and Mozambique. Avincis counts on a team of more than 2,400 courageous and talented professionals, including highly experienced pilots, crews and technicians who fly and maintain a fleet of more than 200 aircraft.

About LEVL Leasing:

Lobo Leasing Limited and EMP Structured AssetsGmbH have created platform called LEVL Leasing Limited, a Dublin based joint-venture company dedicated to providing lease solutions for helicopter operators. The joint venture brings together Lobo Leasing’s full-service capabilities as a helicopter lease management platform with EMP’s capabilities in structuring financing solutions and raising capital for diverse aviation financing projects. LEVL currently manages a portfolio of 26 assets deployed on EMS, SAR, and firefighting missions throughout Europe.