Pipistrel and Lobo sign partnership and place order for 15 Nuuva V300 hVTOL aircraft

April 2022

Pipistrel, the world leader in electric aviation and unmanned flight systems, and Lobo Leasing Limited, a global vertical lift leasing platform, signed a letter of intent with deposits for the acquisition of 15 Nuuva V300 autonomous cargo hVTOL aircraft. The agreement confirms Lobo and Pipistrel’s commitment to the development of new vertical takeoff and landing, environmentally friendly, and sustainable air transportation solutions.

The NUUVA V300 is an optimal hVTOL UAV for middle mile logistics with a 3 cubic meter capacity, and under favourable flight conditions, the vehicle can carry 460kg up to 400km.  It is designed to operate 10x more economically than today’s helicopters, it requires no runways, and it brings enhanced safety and reliability using Pipistrel’s already type-certified electric engines.  This aircraft will leverage Pipistrel’s solid foundation in the industry, including 15 years of electric aviation experience and 8 years of unmanned flight experience with 10+ UAV operators.

As part of the agreement, Lobo and Pipistrel will collaborate to build and connect a base of operators and investors, and by using Lobo’s existing global platform, deliver customer-driven bespoke leasing solutions to enhance the deployment of the Nuuva V300 aircraft in different types of missions globally.

Bryan Wood, Head of Business Development for special products at Pipistrel, said: “The Lobo platform structure, their smart arrangement of financing solutions, and their extensive knowledge of the global vertical lift market add key elements to this new ecosystem and provides OEMs with a strategic differential to meet aircraft operator needs and foster the introduction, growth and consolidation of the hVTOL technology globally.”

Gustavo Semeraro, Senior Vice President Business Development at Lobo, said: “We are proud to be part of this moment in the vertical lift industry evolution. The Pipistrel innovative approach associated with their solid position as an experienced and successful long-term established OEM places the Nuuva V300 in a position to revolutionise the existing systems of cargo delivery and the segment of middle mile logistics as well as to bring plenty of new capabilities to mission-critical roles like remote operations and aerial support to humanitarian campaigns.”

About Pipistrel

With more than 32 years of profitability and revenue growth, Pipistrel is a world-leading small aircraft designer and manufacturer, specialised in energy-efficient and affordable high-performance aircraft.  Having sold 2,700+ aircraft in 97 countries, Pipistrel has earned an international reputation for delivering unique, innovative products to passionate customers on all continents.  First-to-fly an electric two-seater in 2007 and the winner of the NASA Green Flight Challenge in 2011 with the World’s first electric four-seat airplane, Pipistrel has designed many different experimental and serially produced electric aircraft, including the first and only type-certified electric airplane, the Velis Electro. With involvement in standardisation committees, i.e. ASTM F44.40, F39.05, SAE AE7-D, Pipistrel is helping to enable the future market of hybrid-electric and electric aviation.

In March 2022 Textron announced to enter into agreement to purchase the companies: Pipistrel d.o.o., Pipistrel Vertical Solutions d.o.o and Pipistrel Italia S.r.l. The transaction is expected to close during the second quarter of 2022.

About Lobo Leasing

Lobo Leasing is a vertical lift investment platform, headquartered in Ireland with offices in UK, USA, Brazil, The Netherlands and Japan. Lobo originates and manages aviation investments across the world in both the existing helicopter market as well as the fast-developing eVTOL and advanced air mobility sectors. The Lobo team combines all key disciplines (legal, technical, finance, accounting, marketing and business development) into a single coordinated service offering for investors.